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Who are Westalee Design?

Westalee Design’s Ruler Foot for Domestic Sewing Machines has found its way into homes around the World. Manufactured and Distributed in Australia and now also Manufactured and Distributed in the USA by Sew Steady.
Leonie and Bill West started their business in March 2008 with 4 products, which quickly grew with many more specialist templates. Winning the New Inventors, Viewers Choice Grand Final that year was a wonderful achievement by Leonie. They have always felt that in order to supply the best products, they needed to control the whole process. Now, even after 8 years, they still design and manufacture every Ruler and Template themselves. Westalee Design has more than 460 different Rulers, Specialty Products and Templates designed for Patchwork and Quilting.

I have known Leonie and Bill since the beginning of their journey into Template design. I am proud to call them my friends. Leonie is my best friend, even though we live on opposite sides of Australia. We talk every day, sometime more than once, especially during the design process of the templates. I am blessed to be able to learn from her about all aspects of quilting and Patchwork using her amazing tools and templates. She has single handedly encouraged, pushed, cajoled and dragged me into this wonderful world that I now occupy. I am so lucky to have such a generous and caring person to share my quilting journey with. Those of you who have met Leonie West, know what I am talking about.

To see what all the excitement is about go to or to see all the products available at this time. They are always inventing and developing new ideas so keep checking back and see what they have been doing.

Sew Steady are the only Manufacturer and Distributor for Westalee Design in America
Sew Steady have been manufacturing and distributing Westalee Design products in the USA since the end of March 2015 and have placed selected products in many stores. What does this mean to customers in the World.
Janet Collins Designs - Janet's Ruler Quilt Book can be bought from myself or 
Sew Steady USA so please contact them.